Dover Gym is an opportunity. An opportunity to be you and accomplish your goals on YOUR terms. We aren’t carbon copies, we’re innovators. And, we don't follow trends, we create them. But, most importantly, we’re a family. Every member helps create our longevity and we respect each member of this family. We pride ourselves on our old school feel mixed with that new school belief that success is what you make it and excuses are irrelevant. Wherever your path leads you, Dover Gym is your destination, when you choose it.

With a 10,000-sq. ft. facility perfect for hardcore lifting, Pilates, and everything in between we have what you need to be successful in your fitness journey under one roof. You’ll find all the equipment you need with 200 lb. dumbbells, 100 lb. plates, 50 lb. barbells, as well as, chains, bands, power racks, and a full Pilates studio, with a certified instructor. But, Dover Gym doesn’t stop there - you will also find plenty of strength and conditioning equipment for those who like to circuit train. Don’t let me get started on the boxing program. There’s no one trick pony here and when you join us you become a member of the Dover Gym family committed to help you reach your fitness goals.

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WE HAVE IT ALL: Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, Personal Meal Packages, Pilates, Cardio & Weight Training, Group Fitness Classes, Massage Therapy, Weight Management, Youth & Sports Specific Training, Body Building, Powerlifting

We are conveniently located in Dover at 700 Otis Drive, Dover, DE 19901 click here for directions